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  Receiving the news you have prostate cancer is a terrifying life changing moment. Based on your personal  experiences with  prostate cancer you may believe you've just received a death sentence. Far to many men base  their decision to treat their  prostate cancer based on their fear of cancer rather than the specifics of their  diagnosis. Here's a place to get both information  and support to help you chose the best treatment decision for  you. These forums are not meant to give medical advice or  cause ignore the information you receive from your  physician.  Far too many men take their journey with prostate cancer alone.  I hope you won't be one of those men.  Forums are an amazing source of information and support. One of the great features of a  forum is your ability to  maintain your privacy by joining a forum with an anonymous screen name. The first four forums were  created by  Rick Redner for men specifically considering prostate surgery. The other forums provide information and support  for a variety of treatment choices available to treat prostate cancer. Take the time to check out all of these  resources. If you find  yourself tempted to cope with prostate cancer alone, please consider this wisdom from the  Bible:
​ Eccl 4:12 
 But woe to him who is alone when he falls, For he has no one to help him up. 

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  I think most men have a default setting that says "Don't seek help, handle this alone"  That's a huge mistake.             There's so much help and support available, there's no reason for you to cope with prostate cancer alone.       
  Prostate cancer does  not leave you where it finds you. Your life is changed forever. It's up to you to decide      
  whether  that change will make  you better or bitter. Seeking help and support increases the likelihood you and the   relationships you value will grow  stronger. My best advice as one prostate cancer survivor to another is do NOT       attempt to take this journey alone.  Build a team to help and support you and your partner as you both cope with   
  prostate cancer. Use this site to help you to find the support you and/or your partner need.

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