Deciding how to treat prostate cancer is one of the most challenging and frightening decisions you will make in your lifetime. This site was designed to give you important information which will help you decide whether prostate surgery is the right course of treatment. The tabs located below will help you navigate to the various sources of information and support.  |  |  Order Your Book Today!  |  Designed & Copyrighted by

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 If  you or someone you love has prostate cancer you'll find valuable information useful links,          information about surgery, Pre & Post Surgery Support Forums, book recommendations                      and more. Be sure to visit all six information packed pages of our site.

I'll never forget the day my Urologist said he felt a "suspicious lump" on my prostate.  On that day, at age 58, I went from experiencing myself as healthy to a man facing the possibility I had a life threatening cancer. My anxiety and fear went through the roof. If your biopsy comes back positive for prostate cancer, you're faced with making one of the most difficult decisions of your life. You'll need to decide how to treat a potentially deadly disease you know little or anything about. My advice to you is this: Don't decide a life altering treatment based on your  fear of cancer. Make your decision based on your diagnosis.  My wife and I wrote our book based on our experiences with robotic surgery. We want you to understand the ways prostate surgery will permanently change your life, self image, sexuality and relationships. Here's a sample of the things you'll learn from reading our award winning book:

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* How to break the news to your friends and family.
* When a one-day hospital stay is not long enough.
* What are bladder spasms and how you get relief.
* How a simple mistake could cost you thousands of dollars.
* How erectile dysfunction will affect you and your relationships.
* What's penile rehabilitation, and why you need it.
* Why you may experience a severe post-surgical depression 
* How the "expectation gap" will alienate you from friends & family. 
​* What you can do to prevent ED from tearing apart your relationship.
* How faith makes a difference coping with prostate cancer.
My wife and I combine our personal experiences with prostate cancer with our professional training and faith in order to provide you with accurate information, insight and hope for you, your partner and your family. 

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