Rick and Brenda Redner refer to themselves as “reluctant authors.” The effects of Rick's prostate cancer diagnosis and the quality of life issues the couple faced after Rick's prostatectomy changed their lives and their marriage forever. They decided they didn't want other couples to face these issues alone and unprepared as they were, so they made a difficult decision.

They decided to write a book to provide couples with the information and tools they need in order to face the unwanted and unpleasant changes that occur in the lives of couples before, during, and after prostate surgery. In order to accomplish this goal, it was necessary to take their readers from the hospital and into their bedroom in order to share the intimate details of their success, failures and the lessons they learned. As it turned out the couple wrote two extraordinary books helpful to men and couples coping with prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction

In their first book: I Left My Prostate in San Francisco-Where's Yours? They wrote about the following issues:
  •  The emotional impact of receiving a diagnosis of cancer
  •  The emotional impact of losing urinary control and living in diapers
  •  Grieving the loss of ejaculation
  •  The emotional impact of ED on men and their partner
  •  Their experience with climaturia ( the involuntary release of urine during orgasm
  •  Post surgery depression
  •  PSA testing anxiety
  •  Penile rehabilitation
  •  Penile injections
  •  How to Breaking the news to friends and family you have cancer
  •  The role of faith coping with cancer and erectile dysfunction
  •  How to deal with comfort cliches or thoughtless things people say about cancer

 In their second book: Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Erectile Dysfunction & Penile Implants they write about:
  • How ED robs your sexual triggers
  • How to reclaim your sexual triggers
  • How to be a man after losing your erectile abilities
  • Ways to enjoy sexuality and orgasms without erections
  • The risks involved with penile implant surgery
  • The types of penile implants
  • What to expect before during and after penile implant surgery.
  • Whether surgery is right for you
  • What faith has to say about being a man
  • Learning five love languages that willl strengthen your relationship with your partner
  • How survival strategies will prevent you from living in the present
  • How to live and love with or without a penile implant
  • Information to help you to decide whether or not a penile implant is the right option for men and couples who are coping with erectile dysfunction. 
  • How the restoration of Rick's erectile functioning changed his life
  • How the return of Rick's erectile functioning changes their lives as a couple

Rick Redner received his Masters degree in social work from Michigan State University. He has experience working as a medical and psychiatric social worker. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age fifty-seven. Since his diagnosis Rick has used the internet and social media to support tens of thousands of men and couples coping with prostate cancer and quality of life issues men and couples experience after prostate surgery.

Brenda Redner received her RN/BSN at Michigan State University. She has experience in oncology, home health nursing, psychiatric nursing, and teaching. She’s home schooled each of their four children. She offers a partner’s perspective on coping with cancer and living with a partner suffering from the quality of life issues men face when their prostate is removed. In addition, she offers her perspective on coping with erectile dysfunction and penile implant surgery.  

Rick & Brenda wrote their award-winning book I Left My Prostate in San Francisco-Where’s Yours? and their soon to be released second book Everything You NEVER Wanted to Know About Erectile Dysfunction & Penile Implants

​Rick and Brenda travel the country promoting their book and charming audiences with their warmth, honesty, and humor as they share their experiences coping with cancer and learning to live and love without a prostate. With their new book soon to be published they are also available to discuss penile implant surgery, and how the restoration of erectile functioning changed their lives and relationship.  

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