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 Welcome to the Where Is Your Prostate website, where award winning authors,  Rick & Brenda Redner bridge the gap between fear and information. Rick was  diagnosed with prostate cancer at age fifty-seven. His prostate was removed via  robotic surgery. Both nerves were spared, and the couple was assured that Rick  would recover his erectile functioning. 

 After prostate surgery, Rick & Brenda struggled for years coping with quality of  life issues  they were totally unprepared to face as individuals, and as a couple.  As a result  of their experiences and the suffering they endured, they became a  couple on a  mission. Their goal was to reach out to the hundreds of thousands  of men and  couples who are faced with a diagnosis of prostate cancer, chose  surgery, and  find themselves alone and isolated as they cope with life and love  without a  prostate. They wrote their awarding winning book " I Left My Prostate  In San  Franciso-Where's Yours?" in order to help men and couples cope with  the  devastating diagnosis of prostate cancer and life before and after prostate  surgery. 

 This website was created to be the gateway to the information and support Rick  and Brenda believe you'll need to assist you on the difficult journey of adjusting  to the many quality of life issues men and couples experience before and after  prostate surgery. This site offers both a Pre-surgery Forum, and a Post-surgery  Forum

 As individuals and as a couple they struggled four years coping with erectile  dysfunction. Rick desperately wanted to end his experience with impotence. He  searched for books written for couples seeking information about penile  implant surgery. He couldn't find any, so Rick and Brenda decided to write their  soon to be released book about their experiences coping with ED and penile  implant surgery, titled "Everything You NEVER Wanted to Know About Erectile  Dysfunction & Penile Implant Surgery"  They added an Erectile Dysfunction & Penile Implant  Forum to their website. Spend some time reading about the things you'll want to know before and after your prostate is surgically removed.